Monday, February 4, 2013

Chapter 1 Qs

Lulu Carrizales.

  1. A "Real Estate Conversion" is trading rights to use a space for rights to receive money. (T/F)
  2. Consuming Activity gives space-time to Entrepreneurial Activity for Capital (rents/sales)? (T/F)
  3. Heterogeneous products are one reason why Real Estate Markets are Inefficient? (T/F)
  4. Which of  the following is NOT a reason why Real Estate Markets are Inefficient?
    a. Localized Markets
    b. Heterogeneous products
    c. Data Poverty
    d. All are reasons why Real Estate Markets are Inefficient
  5. A Real Estate Professional who specializes in informing and giving an opinion on real estate value is:
    a. Agent
    b. Broker
    c. Appraiser
    d. Non of the above
  6. The Governing Activity gives ______ to the Landing Activity in exchange for Taxes
    a. Capital
    b. Fees
    c. Space-Time
    d. Services, Regulations
  7. Lenders help provide for humans needing space by:
    a. Allowing people to borrow (i.e. banks, etc)
    b. Donating to Non-profits
    c. All of the above
  8. Sequential bidding is:
    a. Attempting to outbid anyone else
    b. selling property in the market by waiting for better offer
    c. non of the above

    1. T
    2. F
    3. T
    4. D
    5. C
    6. D
    7. A
    8. B

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