Tuesday, May 17, 2011

C hapter 12

1. Gantt Charts are?

a. A value in use concept
b. Subconscious mental short cuts
c. A project management technique used to schedule work
d. Exists when the same broker represents the buyer and the seller

2. The process of turning an income stream into a lump sum estimate of present value is called

a. Capitalization
b. Depreciation
c. Gross rent multiplier
d. Dual agency

3. The valuation technique that looks the cost to build a similar structure on a similar piece of land is called.

a. Sales comparison approach
b. Income approach
c. Cost approach
d. None of the above

4. T/F The sales comparison approach looks at recent sales of similar properties to determine value.

5. T/F The Cost approach looks at how much it would cost to recreate a piece of property

6. T/F Is a heuristic theory

7. T/F A listing broker always brings a buyer into a transaction

8. T/F Overall cap rates are commonly used to estimate the investment value and market value of income producing real estate

1)A, 2)A, 3)C, 4)T, 5)T, 6)T, 7)F, 8)T

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