Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chapter 11 questions

Chapter 11

1. The assessor-determined value used to calculate property taxes is known as
A. Value in use
B. Value in exchange
C. Assessed value
D. Ad valorem value
Answer is C- Assessed Value

2. A use that was established before and does not meet current zoning requirements but is legally allowed to continue is known as a
A. Homestead exemption
B. Grandfathered use
C. Exemption
D. Conformity
Answer is B-Grandfathered use

3. The creation of geographic areas, or zones, of similar land uses and density of land use is known as
A. Zoning variance
B. Subdivision regulation
C. Zoning
D. Comprehensive Plan
Answer is C- Zoning

1. A common assessed value deduction to permanent residents who use their property as their primary residence or homestead is known as special assessment.
Answer- False- Known as homestead exemption

2. Mass valuation is a technique in which the private property owner’s rights to ask for a change in assessed value, usually because the property owner thinks that the current assessment is too high.
Answer: False- This is the definition of Assessment appeal

3. The act of a developer yielding ownership of land and improvements to a local municipality is known as a dedication.
Answer: True

4. The total amount of taxable property value of all taxable real estate within the county is known as the legal nonconforming use.
Answer- False- Known as Tax digest

5. The building envelope is a minimum required construction standard used to protect the health and safety of the public.
Answer: False- Known as the building code.

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