Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chapter 11

Kasper Hovannisian

Chapter 11

1. The total amount of taxable property value of all taxable real estate within the county is;

A. Tax Assessor

B. Sales Tax

C. Property Tax

D. Tax Digest

2. The estimate of a property's market value for taxation purposes

A. Ad valorem value

B. Mass Valuation

C. Assessment Appeal

D. Tax Assessor

3. The creation of geographic areas of similar land uses and density of land is;

A. Zoning

B. Comprehensive Plan

C. Conformity

D. Area

4. A mill equals 1 per 1,000.


5. The assessor determined value used to calculate property taxes is the assessed value.

T/ F

6. A church is a tax exempt property.


7. The assessed value after all applicable exemptions is the assessment ratio.

T/F This is known as the taxable value

8. The person responsible for calculating the tax digest is the tax assessor.


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