Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chapter 11

1. Which of the following are examples of zoning codes

a. A
b. R2
c. S
d. All of the above

2. A building envelope is

a. A special exception to a specific zoning requirement
b. An exception to current land use regulations
c. The area on a site that may be legally built upon
d. An envelope built out of construction paper

3. The act of a developer yielding ownership of land and improvements to a local municipality is called

a. Dedication
b. Impact fee
c. Grandfathered use
d.Zoning variance

4. T/F A comprehensive plan is an overall documented long term guide for a community or regions future development and growth

5. T/F A mill is 1/1000

6. T/F Ad valorem value refers to a properties market value

7. T/F Tax digest refers a condition where people loose their appetite after they see their tax bill

8. T/F The Government is a partner in real estate ownership.

1)D, 2)C, 3)a, 4)T 5)T, 6)T, 7)F 8)T

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