Monday, May 9, 2011

Multiple Choice - True/False Questions for Chapter 11

Multiple Choice Questions:


What is/are an example common zoning classification?

a) A-agriculture

b) C-commercial

c) S-special use

d) all of the above


The assessor-determined value used to calculate property taxes is called what?

a) Taxable value

b) Time value of money

c) Assessed value

d) None of the above


The assessor´s estimate of a property´s market value for taxation purposes is called what?

a) Ad valorem value

b) Taxable value

c) Mass valuation

d) None of the above

True/False Questions


A rate of 1 per 100, or 1/100 is called millage rate.

- True

- False


The total amount of taxable property value of all taxable real estate within the country is called tax digest.

- True

- False


An exception to current land use regulations is called administrative change.

- True

- False


Zoning variance is a special exception to a specific zoning requirement on a site.

- True

- False


A minimum required construction standard used to protect the health and safety of the public is called building code.

- True

- False


d) c) a)

False, True, False, True, True

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