Friday, May 13, 2011

Chapter 11 Mutliple Choice & True/False Questions

Multiple Choice

1) A technique used by assessor's to create ad valorem assessments on a large umber of properties is known as

a) Tax digest
b) Mass valuation
c) Ad valorem value
d) Assessment ratio

2) Which of these is false?

a) Property tax due = Taxable value x Millage rate
b) Effective tax rate = Property tax due / Ad valorem value
c) Assessed value = Ad valorem value x Assessment ratio
d) Taxable value = Assessed value - Millage rate

3) A common assessed value deduction to permanent residents who use their property as their primary residence is known as what?

a) Exemption
b) Assessed value
c) Assessment ratio
d) Homestead exemption


1) The ratio of assessed value to the ad valorem market value estimate is known as the assessment ratio. T/F

2) The assessment office's numbering system to uniquely identify each parcel in the taxation district is known as the tax digest. T/F

3) The assessor's estimate of a property's market value for taxation purposes is known as the ad valorem value. T/F

4) The assessed value after all applicable exemptions is known as the mass valuation. T/F

5) A rate of 1 per 1,000 is known as the millage rate. T/F


2)F - Assessor's parcel number
4)F - Taxable value

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