Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chapter 7 Multiple Choice/True or False Questions

Multiple Choice
1) Which one of these is not considered a fixture?
a) Custom-built swimming pool
b) Dishwasher
c) In-ground concrete cemented basketball hoop
d) Refrigerator

2) Which of these is not a way to differentiate whether an item is a fixture or not?
a) Test of adaptability
b) Public use
c) Intent of the parties
d) Manner of attachment

3) The following are all ways for leasehold estates to be categorized except for:
a) Tenancy at sufferance
b) Tenancy at will
c) Joint Tenancy
d) Tenancy from period to period

1) A holdover tenant is a tenant whose leas has expired and is now trespassing on the property. T/F

2) Easements entitle the tenant to ownership interest. T/F

3) Easement in gross contains a servient estate and a dominant estate. T/F

4) Through adverse possession, a person can occupy property for a given amount of time, without the owner's permission, and gain an ownership interest in the property. T/F

5) Ownership in severalty, in general, is when two or more people own a piece of real estate. T/F

Multiple choice:
1) d
2) b
3) c

1) True.
2) False, easements must be used in a specified manner.
3) False, easement in gross contain no dominant estates.
4) True
5)False, in ownership severalty only a single person/entity owns the real estate.

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