Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chapter 8 Questions

1. the stages of development that occur before a developer has committed to a project are called

A. Postcommitment
B. General Contractors
C. Precommitment
D. Could be A or possibly B

2. A productivity analysis is.

A. A study of how well a General Contractor has performed
B. An analysis of a real estate site to determine its suitability to host a project
C. how you manage an asset
D. Can only occur in imperfect markets

3. The first step in the committed phase of a development project is.

A.refine the concept
B.Kill the project
C.design the project
D. Investigate

4. T/F Conceiving a project is the first step in the process of real estate development.

5. T/F Phase one is the initial assessment of a site

6. T/F A construction loan is a long term loan issued to a developer

7. T/F A site in search of a use is a project that is project that is trying to find a location

8. T/F A competitive market is a market in which a property competes and trades
1.A, 2.B, 3.C, 4.T, 5.T, 6.F, 7.F, 8.T

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