Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chapter 7 Questions

1. Which of the following are powers the government has over private property.

A. Eminent Domain
B. Escheat
C. Intestate
D. Both A and B

2. Which of the following is a fixture

A. Refrigerator
B. Ceiling Fan
C. Washer and dryer
D. A shed that is not attached to the ground

3. Which of the following refers to a conservation easement

A. An easement that requires that land not be used.
B. A servient estate or estates and no dominant estate.
C. The right to use a property and always involves two adjacent properties known as the dominant and servient estates.
D. A tenant whose lease has expired

4. T/F Real property becomes a fixture when it is permanently attached to real estate.

5. T/F If someone needed to travel across your property to get to their property they would need an easement in gross.

6. T/F An easement of appurtenant is said to "run with the party".

7. T/F Encroachments are unathorized intrusions of a fixture or improvement by a neighboring party.

8. T/F A perfect lien is one that has been filed in public records

1.D, 2.B, 3.A, 4.T, 5.F, 6.F, 7.T, 8.T

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