Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Kasper Hovannisian
1. What is a lien claim filed in public records?
A. Judgement lien
B. Perfect pg.185
C. Mechanics lien
D. Deed restriction
2. Legally combining two adjacent properties into a single parcel is:
A. Deed restriction
B. Community Property
C. Assemblage pg.182
D. Devisable
3. The governments right to take private property for the benefit of the public is:
A. Eminent domain pg.165
B. Condemnation
C. Police power
D. Regulatory taking
4. If a person dies without a valid will it is known as testate.
T/F Dying without a will is known as intestate. Dying with a will is known as testate. pg.171
5. All property that is not real property is personal property.
T/F pg.172
6. The ownership rights to occupy and use the surface of real estate is known as subsurface rights.
T/F This is known as surface rights while subsurface rights is the ownership of the area underneath your property's surface. pg.176-177
7. The right to use an unowned property is known as an easement.
T/F pg.179
8. Your car, clothes, and computer are examples of personal property.
T/F pg.172

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