Tuesday, March 8, 2011

chpt 7-Cheyenne Ison

1. Government rights and interest in real property include all of the following except:
A. Eminent Domain
B. Escheat
C. Taxation
D. Intestate

Answer is D. Intestate-which is dying without a will.

2. The process of legally combining, two adjacent parcels into a single parcel is known as:
A. Due process
B. Condemnation
C. Assemblage
D. Enabling Act

Answer is C. Assemblage

3. The estate of a property owner who has leased the property to another person or organization is known as:
A. Public Use
B. Police Power
C. Leased-fee Estate
D. Lease

Answer is C. Leased fee estate

1. The return of an estate to the grantor after the grant has expired is known as reversion.
Answer: True

2. Testate is dying without a valid will.
Answer :False- that is definition for intestate.

3. Police power is the state governments right to take unclaimed property from a deceased person dying intestate.
Answer: False- That is definition for escheat

4. Ownership and usage rights to the space above land is known as an easement.
Answer: False- Known as Air rights

5. A special form of co-ownership where joint partners have an equal interest in the property and right of survivorship is called joint-tenancy.
Answer: True

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