Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chapter 8

1) The process of obtaining the necessary gobernment permits to begin and sustain a construction project is called permitting.

True / False

2) Marketability study is an analysis which aims to estimate how much of the toal demand in a competitive market can be captured by a particular property.

True / False

3) A long-term loan issued to a developer to fund the construction stage of a project is called construction laon.

True / False

4) A bridge loan is also known as a gab loan.

True / False

5) While previous stages were about executing a plan, stage 5 is about creating a plan.

True / False

6) Which schedule helps managing lender inspections and draws.

a) Construction save schedule

b) Construction cost schedule

c) Construction loan disbursement schedule

d) Both b) and c)

7) Manage an asset in stage 6 is a task by the

a) Developer

b) Constructor

c) Management team

d) None of the above.

8) All of the following are lender’s investments except

a) Construction loan

b) Permanent loan

c) Bridge loan

d) House loan


True, True, False, True, False, d), c), d)

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