Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter 7 Questions

Government intrusion on private property rights is necessary for what purpose?
A. Creation of regulations to manage the impact of externalities
B. Enforcement of regulations
C. Creation and maintenance of public infrastructure
D. All of the above

ANSWER – D (page 163)

Government rights in real property include the following:
A. Police Power
B. Eminent Domain and Escheat
C. Taxation
D. All of the above

ANSWER – D (page 164)

True/False – If a zoning change from commercial to residential reduces a parcel’s value, the government is obligated to provide just compensation.
ANSWER – False (page 167)

True/False – A trade fixture is real property
ANSWER – False (page 175)

True/False – The county monitors and enforces deed restrictions.
ANSWER – False (page 183)

True/False – A lien should be perfected, filed in public records, to be enforceable
ANSWER – True (page 185)

True/False – A married couple can hold title as joint tenants.
ANSWER – True (page 187)

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