Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blog 1 Interview.

Real estate involves more than just buying selling and renting property.  It also involves related businesses like engineering, architecture and construction.  I wanted to learn more about the construction side of the business, so for this project I decided to interview Ed Godinho, of Ed Godinho Concrete; Ed is the manager and the owner of the business, and is involved in construction projects in residential, commercial and Ag applications.
  Ed’s Wife is my friend, and I called them to make an appointment for an interview. We met at Starbucks and I offered them drinks, then we started our Interview.
How did you get started in this field?  What was your educational background?  What are your major responsibilities?  
Answer: I started by working for a friend of my dad’s at age 16.  I graduated High School, attending 2 years college, then attended contractor license school, and various seminars. Major Responsibilities:  Bids, read blue prints, lay out finished bill of materials for concrete work.

 What are the most rewarding aspect of your job, and least rewarding?
Answer:  Creating and designing permanent, structures is a kind of art; least rewarding part is dealing with employee issues. 
 What might you change?  
Answer:  I would not change anything.   
Would you choose this career again? 
Answer: Yes, I would choose this path as a career again

 What is a “typical” day like for you?
Answer:  A typical day has me up very early at 4 am, to load trucks, prepare the job site, and pouring concrete at a project.
 What obligations does your work put on you outside of the actual job?
Answer:  Outside obligations consist of donations and quality control bidding for upcoming plans. 
What are some lifestyle considerations for this career?
Answer:  The Lifestyle of a concrete contractor is tough, nonstop progress, in extreme conditions, winter verses summer; Injuries are commonplace.

 What are some common entry-level positions in the field?
Answer:  He did not tell me his, but he told me how much he pays for his employees, they earn about $25,000 to 30,000 a year.
 What kind of an individual (skills and personality) is best suited for these entry-level positions?
Answer:  Skills needed are ability to work in extreme weather hard labor, long hours,
What are the most important factors used when hiring?
Answer:  Most important factors: no drugs, no tattoos showing, good work ethic.

 What is the best educational preparation for a career in this field?  
Answer:  College skill that would be helpful, good communication. 
Which classes and experiences would be most helpful to obtain while still in college?
Answer:   Take a lots of business classes.

 What have you found to be a major weakness of new hires in this field?
Answer:  Major weakness in new hires is finding good employees, which meets our needs, and sometime have to deal with immigration issues.
 How high is the turnover?
Answer:  Our turnover is small.
How does one move from position to position or other areas of the organization?
Answer:  Work experience is the only way to move up is to prove oneself.   
What are typical policies about promotions from within?  How are employees evaluated?
Answer:  You will be evaluated by your overall performance

 What is the typical career path from entry to top management?
Answer:  Typical career path is labor to journeyman, must be gained with time on the job.
 How do people usually find out about full-time openings in this field?
Answer:  Work is mostly found by word of mouth.
 What is the future outlook for this career?
Answer:  Future outlook for this career depends on our economy.   
What are the areas of potential growth and decline?
Answer:  For the building industry, economic growth and our decline can come from social issues like war and foreclosures.

  How do you see jobs changing in the future?
Answer:  Has its ups and downs, growth comes with money

Can you recommend types of organizations in this field that I might investigate or contact to learn more about the industry?  
Answer:  The California State license Board of Contractors.
May I have permission to use your name?
Answer:  Yes you may,  and here is my; Ca Lic # 676359  in business over 20 years
Then, we said goodbye, and few days later I send them a thank you card. I just wanted to tell Ed and his wife that I appreciated their time, information and perspective.
What I gleaned from Ed was a feel for the ebb and flowof his business, a snapshot into his daily operations and management routine, and a feel for some of the responsabilities he had as an owner of a business that supports construction activities in the real estate industry.  There are many businesses involved in the real estate industry, and Ed Godinho is one of those. 

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