Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Houa Vang Chapter 4 Question Location, Location, Location

1.       What is urban economics.
a.       Study of urban area, urban spatial structural and the location of households and firms. +
b.      Studying the benefits, including economies of scales and networking effects of companies.
c.       The study urban competitive advantage that attract residents and businesses.
d.      The study of potential employers to an area.
2.       (T/F) The reason developments of urban areas seem to grow and thrive and some seem to decline is contributed by competitive advantages such as skilled and educated workforce, transportation, and climate. T
3.       Spatial economics is the study of _______over __________.
a.       Economic Relationships, Space
b.      Land Rent, Land Value
c.       Land Value, Land Rent
d.      Space, Economic  Relationship.
Ans = A
4.       (T/F) Attitude and leadership is one of the competitive advantage contribute to development of urban areas. T
5.       (T/F) A competitive advantage is a urban area that is attractive to residents and businesses. T
6.       (T/F) The key to local economy is the health and prospects, present and future, of the economic base.  T
7.       (T/F) concentric circle growth model is the growth of commercial and industrial and sector (or wedge) growth models are growth model for residential. T
8.       What are the order of the thunen Rings.
a.       Land Value, Land Rent,  Accessibility
b.      Land Rent, Land Value, Accessibility
c.       Land Value, Accessibility, Land Rent
d.      Accessibility, Land Rent, Land Value
Ans = d

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