Monday, September 2, 2013

Chapter 1 quiz

1.     Property Managers maintain and create value by optimizing the attractiveness of properties and by keeping them leased up.  (T/F).
2.     A broker is a real estate professional who facilitates the sales of real estate assets by bringing together buyers and sellers. (T/F)
3.     Lender is the generic term for someone who lends capital for real estate in exchange for contractual debt service and a collateral interest in the property (T/F)
4.     Mortgage Broker is an entrepreneur whose expertise is used to gather necessary factors of production to create real estate for human needs. (T/F)
5.     Mortgage is a generic term for a real estate asset created by real estate lender. (T/F)
1.     Who seeks profitable properties to purchase?
a.     Broker
b.     Securitizer  
c.      Acquisition expert
d.     Property Manager
2.     The process of bidding for the purchase of an asset such as real estate, which is characterized by its discrete offers.
a.     Sequential bidding
b.     Data Poverty
c.      Property transaction
d.     Low bid wins
3.     A real estate professional who specialize in assessing the risk associated with real estate loans.
a.     Originator
b.     Underwriter
c.      Servicer 


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