Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chapter 7. Political and Legal Environments

1. Authority created by the U.S. Constitution that enables states to pass powers to local governments. 
    States use this authority to give local governments the legal powers to exercise government right in
      A. Police Power    B.  Eminent Domain    C.  Public record    D. Enabling Act
2.  What is the owner's right to sue a government?
      A.  Condemnation   B.  Eminent Domain   C. Escheat      D. Due Process
3.  A government's right to make a financial claim on real property to fund governmental needs and
     A.  Taxation    B. Public use     C. Regulatory taking   D.   Escheat
4. A state government's right to take unclaimed property from a deceased person dying intestate and
    without immediate hiers.
     A. T
     B.  F
5. An item that was once personal property but has been affixed or adapted to the real property that it
    is now real property.
    A.  T
    B.  F
6. Ownership and usage usually don't have right to the space above land
    A. T.
    B.  F.
7. Encroachments is that unauthorized intrusions of a fixture or improvement by a neighboring
    A.  T.
    B.  F.
8. Deed restriction is that a specific limitation on the fee simple estate interest.
    A.  T
    B.  F

Answer: D, D, A, A, A, B, A, A.

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