Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chapter 5 Questions

1.     Axial growth model is:
a.     A urban growth model that emphasizes the importance of major transportation corridors in urban development,
b.     The central location for commerce in an urban environment and focal point of the urban growth models.
c.      The relationship or ratio of nonbasic to basic employment for a defined area 
d.     A diagram of the maximum prices a market participant is willing to pay across different locations.
2.     The business and industrial compositions of a region’s local economy
a.     Situs
b.     Spatial economics 
c.      Economic Base
d.     Discounting
3.     The process of determining the present value of an income statement stream by applying appropriate time value of money
a.     Spatial economics
b.     Discounting
c.      Situs
d.     Economics
4.     T/F compounding is the process of determining the future value of an income stream by applying appropriate time value of money?
5.     T/F Present value is the rate of return that exactly equates the investment outflows with the investment inflows once we consider  the time of the cash flow?
6.     T/F Internal rate of Return is also known as the IRR?
7.     T/F Annuity is specific type of income stream characterized by equal periodic payments over its life?
8.     T/F a mortgagor is a real estate lender?


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