Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chp.4 MC and T/F Iris Manselian

1. Which shows the relationship between property values and location?
a.     Bid-rent curve
b.     Land value gradient
c.      Concentric circle growth model
d.     Sector growth model
2. Which is considered to be a typical factor for competitive advantage?
a.     Climate
b.     Transportation
c.      Natural Resources
d.     All of the above
3. The following below are considered basic employment except…
a.     Tourism
b.     Automotive industry
c.      Construction
d.     Government industries

4. Nonbasic employment describes jobs in industries that export goods or services and are responsible for an area’s competitive advantage. (T/F)

5. A sector growth model describes cities growing outward and around a CBD in defined rings of different property uses. (T/F)

6. Attitude and leadership can be important factors for attracting new residents in a competitive environment. (T/F)

7. A bid-rent curve shows the growth of a city in an outward direction from the CBD. (T/F)

8. The growth model that recognizes cities to be having more than one focal point and multiple CBDs develop is a multiple nuclei concept. (T/F)

1.     b 2.d 3. C 4. F 5. F 6. T 7. F 8. T

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